The Decatur Meditator
Group Meditation
Cheri Augustine Flake, LCSW
The Stress Therapist, LLC.
1789 Clairmont Road, Suite B
Decatur, Georgia 30033
(404) 610-1780

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner
or you have never meditated in you life
All are welcome!

Om. It means, “wake up!” “Come see!” “Energize and listen up!”

It’s time for a SCHEDULE shake up for The Decatur Meditator!!

OM. Summer is coming! Woot! The Summer meditation schedule will be vastly different…

So, many of you can’t come on Friday at 9:30am, or have your kids or work (or both!) all summer long and I want to sit with your beautiful spirits!

Beginning on the weekend of May 13th and over every weekend thereafter through the summer, I will post the time for the week’s meditation meeting. If you can come, great! If not, keep your eyes peeled for the next time posting. ☺

The meeting times will vary between VERY early morning, middle of the day and late afternoon times.