Meditation and Yoga Retreat Lakeside in the Gorgeous Georgia Mountains

August 23-25, 2019

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Surrounded by nature’s beauty, lovely accommodations and amazing cuisine, learn the peaceful practice of meditation among an intimate group of individuals who are also seeking this life-changing skill with benefits that will last a lifetime.

Relax and take in all that nature and yoga have to offer on the outside, while you cater to your true self, creator and meditator on the inside.

Join us on the lake in the gorgeous Georgia mountains for the amazing weekend. Can’t wait to get quiet with your beautiful spirits!!

About This Retreat

Meditation with Cheri

Cheri Flake is The Stress Therapist. Within her private practice providing counseling, coaching, workshops, hypnotherapy and meditation classes, Cheri has taught hundreds of people how to meditate in a straightforward no-nonsense, highly engaging and often humorous way. Cheri’s mission is to teach meditation to as many people as she can because in her words, “there is truly nothing better for you…except for maybe water.” With Cheri as your guide, gone are the pressures to understand meditative theories, traditions or religious ideologies. Instead, the seasoned practitioner gets a brush up in a whole new light and the beginner has a clear place to start and a path with which to proceed. Guesswork, wondering if you’re “doing it right” or finding yourself in intimidating settings is over. You will learn why meditation is important and enough about what exactly is happening in your brain during deep mediation to help you replicate and improve your practice. More experienced participants will leave the retreat with new techniques and perspectives, and beginners with a solid foundation and the groundwork to handle the practical every day integration of a meditative practice into your life and how to make it a habit that lasts a lifetime. The benefits of meditation are astounding and you deserve all that it can offer you. It’s time to remove the mystery of it all and get a practice of silence into your life simply, finally and forever.

Yoga with Nicole

Nicole Jurovics is a mom, wife, yoga teacher, and event planner. As Co-Director of the annual Southeast Yoga Conference from 2009-2017, she appreciates the infinite lessons that yoga and meditation offer us as we evolve. As a long-standing yoga instructor throughout the Atlanta area, Nicole is hailed by many as a favorite among avid yoga practitioners and beginners alike. With an incredibly kind heart along with wise and deliberate guidance, we are so honored to have Nicole on this retreat with us. Expect mindful movement intended to compliment the deep reflection and beautiful community elements of the retreat weekend.

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