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A Stressful Time…

In light of all that is going on all around us, I want you to know that I am here for you. Click here to learn about my short and sweet, fun and free virtual mediations. It can be really scary to not know exactly what’s happening right now…or, what will happen tomorrow…or, the next [...]

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Are You Still Breathing? How to Have Fun Over the Holidays-Part 2

How to Have More Fun Over the Holidays Part 2 How’s being in the Now working for you? Fun, huh? 😉 Here comes tip #2 on how to have a bit more fun this holiday season…   Stop Thinking That You’re Stuck “Your personality creates your personal reality.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza If you think [...]

How to Have More Fun Over the Holidays-Part One

How to Have More Fun Over the Holidays It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?   Right?? I keep seeing articles about how to “get through” the holidays or how to have a “stress-free holiday season” and well, it’s a little depressing. Even to me. 🙂 I get it. We are busy. [...]

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You Need This Before You Need This

This summer, my husband, Andrew was diagnosed with a rare, stage four salivary gland cancer. Since then, our lives have been…well, vastly different. For the past five months, Andrew has endured quite a lot: Multiple surgeries, long hospital stays, infection and incredible pain not to mention how he hasn’t worked, hasn’t spent time with [...]

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Too Legit to Quit

Too Legit To Quit If you hashtag meditation up on your social media, you’re most likely going to see a super skinny, blonde, white lady on a beach dressed in a flow-y, white something or other making lovely mudras with her hands with a serene and perfect look on her face. Is that what meditation really [...]

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4 Steps to Willpower like you’ve Never known before…

Every year around this time, all of my clients participate in the “Cheri Flake Willpower Challenge.” This challenge is super simple and great fun! You pick one “I will” power and one “I won’t” power and commit to do one thing, and not do another thing for 40 days straight. No negotiating. No trying. [...]

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Same Year, Same You? PERFECT.

Who is sick of New Year’s Resolutions?? Me! I am! Ugh! The worst, right? The way we typically go about New Year’s Resolutions just doesn’t work…we truly refuse to take into account how our brains work when we set out with our intentions. Here’s the truth: our brains are actually wired up to avoid [...]

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Solve Your #1 Meditation Problem, Now!

A Quick Meditation Tip The #1 Meditation Problem I Hear and How to Solve It! The number one complaint that I get from new and old meditation practitioners is the annoying problem of your legs falling asleep! You know what I mean…first, it’s the pins and needles…then, when you think all is well and [...]

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