“Wow! That was like a whole week of Burning Man in one hour!”
– A.D., Motivation Workshop Attendee

Upcoming Workshops

Due to COVID-19 precautions, scheduled workshops are limited and have all been moved to virtual formats for now. If these dates don’t work for you, grab a few friends or family members and hold a special virtual event with The Stress Therapist for your office, book club, spiritual group or other organization.

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Calming Together…

Practicing Mindfulness and Kindfulness with Your Child in Stressful Times

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 10:00am
Monday, August 24, 2020 4:00pm

A meditation class for parents AND kids! 

Come and learn how to get a bit of calm and peace during quarantine for not only for yourself but also for the little people in your home. 

Monkey See Monkey DO!

Class will include a bit of music, fun instruction and a few minutes of meditation. 

This class is appropriate for big kids, 6-7 and up.


Attendees will be sent Zoom link after completing payment and registration. 

$35 per household

The following testimonials were collected at an elementary school parent education event where Cheri was the presenter.

“It was great!  I can’t wait to share this with my children!”

“Useful information delivered in an entertaining way!”

“Cheri’s energy is great and her ability to make the group laugh is refreshing”

“Cheri, you could have a career in stand-up comedy!”

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Ready? Set? Sit!

Learn exactly how to meditate AND make it a habit that lasts a lifetime!

Never has there ever been a better time to start a regular meditation practice...

Thursday, August 20th, 2020 12pm

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 9:00am

Have you tried to meditate before without much success? Or have you balked at the whole idea of meditation wondering how you could ever clear your head? Or perhaps you’ve had a good experience with meditation, but just can’t find the time or motivation to keep it up.

Most of us give up when we experience “monkey mind” or a fidgety body that just won’t calm down, and for good reason. This practice can seem so hard!

Let Cheri handle the how’s of meditation for you. In this class, Cheri will show you many ways to engage in a sitting meditation practice regardless of what type of personality you have, how much time you have, or how hard it has been for you in the past. Meditation is not as mysterious as it seems. All that’s needed is a bit of guidance on what exactly to do, how to beat the common hindrances, and how to bring it into your life with regularity instead of added stress, procrastination, or excuses.

This class is for anyone who is curious about meditation and ready to start or for those who may have dabbled in meditation but haven’t figured out how to keep it up. It is a practical jumpstart guide for the beginner or the well-intentioned but chronic starter. Students will gain a solid foundation and the groundwork to handle the practical everyday integration of a meditative practice while more experienced participants will leave the class with new techniques and perspectives.

Students will:

  • Learn a simple, tried, and true meditation method to get on the cushion and begin meditating immediately
  • Learn the science of exactly what is going on in our brain when we meditate and how to use this information to stay on the cushion
  • The three ways the ego pulls us out of meditation and how to bypass them and meditate anyway
  • Participate in a group meditation
  • Learn why meditation is so good for us, and how to keep it up and make it a habit

The benefits of meditation are astounding and lifelong. It’s time to remove the mystery of it all and get a practice of silence into your life, finally and forever.

Attendees will be sent Zoom link after completing payment and registration. 


$30.00 if you bring a friend

Cheri is an excellent teacher. She is a very bubbly person but when she teaches, she is very soothing, calm and directive. This really worked for me. I can’t believe that meditation is finally a part of my life ~ like REALLY a part of my life now.” 

~Lacey, Gainsville

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Happiness in the time of Corona…Yes! It’s Possible!

August 26th, 2020 12pm
September 15th, 2020 5pm

Uncertainty, fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, disappointment, grief, regret, anger, decision making fatigue, virtual everything overload, news overconsumption…it just goes on and on. 

Is happiness, or even a moment of peace even possible in times like these??


We really are all in this together, because every soul on this lovely planet will have their own Covid stories to tell. How we learn to cope, practice resiliency and find peace and happinesss in a world of chaos, can help us actively become the co-author of these tales right along with the Universe. 

Learn how find some peace and happiness immediately, easily and right from home. 

You deserve this…believe me…it’s time. 

This workshop is virtual. Attendees will be sent Zoom link after completing payment and registration.


$30.00 if you bring a friend

Cheri is lots of fun, but she definitely knows her stuff! You’d think would be all serious or “way out there,” but she is a REAL personal with a real life ~ Kids, career, husband the works! She struggles with the everyday like we do so she knows just how it is. She is the perfect one to teach us because she has surely been through it!”

~Sue, Kennesaw

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Custom Workshops Now Available via Zoom!

Interested in having Cheri speak to your group or organization?

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Cheri offers reduced rates for groups.

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“The workshop was really good and actually very relaxing. I look forward to learning more!”
– Katherine
“L-O-V-E this class! I walked in with doubts and fears and stress — but I walked out with concrete action steps that have already (less than an hour later!) relieved some of my to-do-list anxiety. Cheri taught us things about the inner workings of our own minds that I had no IDEA were even happening! Now, this stuff makes a lot more sense AND I feel like I have some power over it. She helped me remember the real joy is in the moment, not in the check mark on completion — although that feels pretty great too.”
– Jessica, Avondale Estates
“I wanted you to know that I thought your workshop was AWESOME. Really and truly AWESOME. I felt so good after I left, and am working hard now on my assignment. I am so inspired by the idea of calming my brain and using technology (who knew?!) to make my life quieter. Quieting your brain is key. I keep reading about mindfulness, and I was having a hard time figuring out how to get all the things done that I need to get done, and yet still live in the moment. If I can master your technology tips, I think that I’ll have achieved both – productivity and peacefulness. Wow! Thank you!! And I’m going to sign up for more workshops (the mediation one, maybe), and tell my friends all about what a great experience the class was for me!! Yay!!”
– Elizabeth, Decatur

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