Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that brings about change by using language, music and guided imagery that the subconscious mind can understand. With attention and focus, hypnotherapy allows for change that would otherwise be unavailable because the conscious mind doesn’t benefit from commands like, “Don’t stress!” or “Just be more confident!” Hypnotherapy brings with it a level of concentration allowing your brain to listen and be open in whole new way.

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Who Is Hypnotherapy For?

Hypnotherapy is an excellent resource for the client that truly wants to change. It isn’t as magical as it is often perceived in the media. If you are highly motivated and ready for change, you will likely do very well and enjoy the process, as well. Hypnotherapy services are for clients who are already receiving counseling services with me. I will assess with you whether you are a good candidate for hypnotherapy during our sessions together.

What to Expect

Clients that participate in hypnotherapy usually report an incredibly relaxing and peaceful experience. If hypnotherapy becomes an option for you and your counseling experience, I will discuss with you the benefits and potential risks that may be involved.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • Supplements the counseling experience

  • Often produces a relaxation response

  • Targets certain desired or unwanted behaviors

  • The potential for the development of self-hypnosis skills which can be invaluable for stress reduction and life balance

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