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Too Legit to Quit

Too Legit To Quit If you hashtag meditation up on your social media, you’re most likely going to see a super skinny, blonde, white lady on a beach dressed in a flow-y, white something or other making lovely mudras with her hands with a serene and perfect look on her face. Is that what meditation really [...]

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4 Steps to Willpower like you’ve Never known before…

Every year around this time, all of my clients participate in the “Cheri Flake Willpower Challenge.” This challenge is super simple and great fun! You pick one “I will” power and one “I won’t” power and commit to do one thing, and not do another thing for 40 days straight. No negotiating. No trying. [...]

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Same Year, Same You? PERFECT.

Who is sick of New Year’s Resolutions?? Me! I am! Ugh! The worst, right? The way we typically go about New Year’s Resolutions just doesn’t work…we truly refuse to take into account how our brains work when we set out with our intentions. Here’s the truth: our brains are actually wired up to avoid [...]

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Solve Your #1 Meditation Problem, Now!

A Quick Meditation Tip The #1 Meditation Problem I Hear and How to Solve It! The number one complaint that I get from new and old meditation practitioners is the annoying problem of your legs falling asleep! You know what I mean…first, it’s the pins and needles…then, when you think all is well and [...]

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Memories-The Good, The Bad, and Unicorn Toots

Two weeks ago, living up to his expectations as an active and adventurous little 8 year-old boy, my son tried some acrobatics on our second-floor banister, lost his balance and landed right on his head on our wooden first floor below. Let me say right off the bat, he’s okay!!! But, holy smokes! That [...]

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The New Year’s Resolutionist’s Mistake

Don’t Make The New Year’s Resolutionist’s Mistake! All of my clients are well aware that I do not allow New Year’s Resolutions. Well, at least in the way that we typically go about them…:) Why? Because New Year’s resolutions are usually tailored to largely ignore the way that our brains work. This sets us [...]

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The Quick Guide to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

  Aaaaaaaah, Thanksgiving. Why, it’s the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year! Not quite in that space? If obligatory feasting (that requires a whole lotta cookin’!), the onset of a month of hustle and bustle and incessant family in company doesn’t sound absolutely lovely, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick guide [...]

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Fear…Fight, Flight or a Challenge?

Halloween is my JAM. I absolutely love it. My family also takes this holiday very seriously. Let’s just say that we have had our plan for costumes in place since July. Maybe it’s because my husband and I met at a Halloween party, but we really see it as quite the event every year. [...]

What I Learned from Living with a Monk on A Mountain

Every year or so I go on a meditation retreat. This year, I chose a silent retreat on top of a mountain in the middle of Nowhere, North Carolina. It was a white knuckle drive all the way up there on a one-way road (!) where you couldn’t slow down too much or you [...]

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5 Ways To Make You Stop Worrying. Right. Now.

5 Ways To Make You Stop Worrying. Right. Now. 1. Worrying feels bad…It just does.       Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Feeling good is better than feeling bad. Worry will always make you feel bad. In some cases, with trauma or a short in our thinking so to speak, it [...]