Coaching is an excellent resource when you know what you’d like to change in your life but just need guidance on how to go about starting, keeping it up and making change last. Using the power of habit, coaching with me is essentially learning a whole new way to work on creating new, healthy habits without stress, procrastination or excuses.

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Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for someone who wants help with a few very specific behaviors that they want to be a part of their every day living once and for all. Coaching is for those who are tired of trying to change the same old ways with little success. If numerous failed attempts at New Year’s Resolutions have you down or your attempts to change have been met with many stops and starts, and this is mainly what you would like me to help you with, then coaching may be for you.

What To Expect

The first steps in coaching will be to provide education in brain science and Motivation Creation. Next comes very specific guidelines and steps for a whole new way to go about and even think about your target goal. All coaching clients use a Habit Tracker (a habit formation tool that I will provide for you) and check in regularly with me to get homework assignments that facilitate understanding and progress in the long-term change process. Usually, each habit endeavor is somewhat short-term. Phone sessions or email exchanges are the avenue for coaching sessions. There are no location restrictions regarding coaching; they may be done from all parts of the world.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Access to an accountibility partner
  • A new skill set in the art of Motivation Creation
  • A lifetime of avoiding the New Year’s Resolutionist’s Mistake
  • A new understanding of how the brain works in both helping and sabotaging new behaviors and how to trick it into getting what you want into your life
  • Access to specific techniques for anti-procrastination, organization and life management
  • A new skill set on how to utilize the basics of habit creation to bring more joy into your life

How is Coaching Different than Counseling?

Coaching targets very specific behavioral goals that the client has in mind for establishing new, healthy habits that last. Coaching sessions are very different than counseling sessions as, by law, I cannot use all the resources as a therapist available to me. Also, coaching doesn’t have a lot of the perks that are innate in the counseling and therapy process. In order to ensure that coaching is the best option for you, I will assess whether the issues that you present with can be appropriately dealt with solely using coaching techniques.


Using coaching techniques, I’ve helped many clients create meaningful habits that help them live happier, more fulfilled lives such as:

  • Make running (or other physical exercise) a new, healthy habit
  • Make day to day tasks normal, easier and habitual e.g., flossing, making the bed, cleaning or mindful eating
  • Start and continued success with a long-term project or idea, e.g., dissertation or writing a novel
  • Begin and keep doing what they love, e.g., creating beautiful artwork, performing or writing
  • Start, cultivate and organize a new venture e.g., business, career or creative occupational ideas

Coaching Options

25 Minute Phone Sessions

25 minute phone sessions are most often appropriate after we have your goals and plan in order and we are in the midst of change. 25 minute phone sessions are often necessary to stay on task and keep the progress moving and the accountability high. I am happy to discuss with you if 25 minute phone sessions are most appropriate for your coaching goals.

Rate: $100.00 for 25 Minutes

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50 Minute Phone Sessions

50 minute sessions are most often appropriate at the start of the coaching process so we have ample time to get your goals in order and start working on our plan. I am happy to discuss with you if 50 minute phone sessions are most appropriate for your coaching goals.

Rate: $195 for 50 Minutes

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E-Mail Exchanges

Many clients who have atypical work or waking hours or those who simply prefer to use email for coaching may opt for email exchanges with me. One exchange includes one correspondence for each of us. Emails will have coaching instructions, ideas and will clarify next steps and homework much like a coaching session over the phone. I ask that all email exchanges be sent to my safe and encrypted email address and strongly urge the coaching client to obtain a free, safe and encrypted email address from, as well.

Rate: Email Package – Four Email Exchanges $220

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Please don’t feel like this is a decision that you must make on your own. I am always happy to discuss if coaching is the right choice for you. Call me or email me anytime to discuss which services best fit your needs.

Coaching Packages

“Down and Ready to Go” 

“Knee-Deep In It” 

“Totally Into It”

Start-up Package

  • One 20 minute phone consult
  • Two initial 50 minute phone sessions
  • Three follow up 25 minute phone sessions

High Maintenance Package

  • Four 50 minute phone sessions

Low Maintenance Package

  • Four 25 minute phone sessions
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Schedule Coaching
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“My job requires that I be physically fit, so it became a serious issue when I could no longer meet annual fitness testing requirements following development of a serious medical condition that was misdiagnosed for more than 2 years. By the time I obtained a proper diagnosis and treatment, my general health had declined significantly, I was unfit, and I had become obese.

I didn’t make any progress towards preparing for and successfully completing my annual physical fitness test in a previous coaching experience. I immediately began making progress when I began working with Cheri and, after many years of frustration, I not only met the minimum fitness test requirements (level 1), but for the first time in my life, I was able to complete level 2. And a few days after my test I ran a 5k! I’m excited to see the weight loss results when I step on the bathroom scale and to now share my new running habit with my 10 year old daughter – we will be participating in a 10k race tomorrow. ☺

I initially worked with a coach in 2009, a year after getting a proper diagnosis and treatment, to help me prepare for and pass the annual fitness test. We spent a lot of time talking about the goal, but we never got to the action or implementation phase during six months of weekly coaching calls! It seemed to be a case of ” paralysis of analysis.” I came away from that coaching experience not only frustrated by the lack of progress but, worse, having increased self-doubts and self-loathing.

Working with Cheri was a much different experience.

Fast-forward to summer 2013 and I’m still unfit, obese and needing to pass get back in compliance with fitness requirements for my job when I came across a workplace seminar by Cheri about how to make goals become a daily habit. I was blown away by what I heard that day. What most intrigued me was that Cheri spoke about the dilemma I had been living with for years – constantly “thinking” about the dreaded fitness requirements but not making any progress towards really restoring my health and fitness. I could tell that she gets the fact that determination is a necessary but insufficient ingredient to satisfying a goal. Cheri explained how the brain works and how it may sabotage efforts to change – and I recognized that what she was describing the inner battle that had been holding me back from meeting my fitness goal for so many years.

I immediately thought, this is someone who can help me get out of my own head and actually help me change for good. I was pleased that this turned out to be the case.

A key piece for me as was the emphasis on making incremental progress. Taking baby steps reduced the feelings of overwhelm and quite literally took away the excuses not to move forward. I could no longer tell myself “I don’t have time to run” because I was only going around the block! For once, I was not starting at the goal on day one and assuming I would just change!

Checking off The Habit Tracker was my favorite part. I had done a lot of goal setting related to health and fitness, but keeping my goals at my bedside and reviewing them daily with clear incremental weekly habits and goals was what did it for me. This kept me focused and more likely to exercise because I was reminded every day why this was important to me. The Habit Tracker turned out to be a tool that intercepted the negative self-talk that had repeatedly been tripping me up. This tool was especially invaluable to me on those days when I was feeling tired and consumed with meeting my day to day responsibilities.

Cheri is energetic, very positive, and a real doer. She doesn’t just talk about it all, she really walks the walk.

After really struggling to achieve my fitness goal for many years, it is remarkable now to look back at how simple the steps were to implement and how easy the process became

By the time I started working with Cheri, my self-confidence had been shot and the annual fitness test seemed an insurmountable challenge. Had I not seen her talk, I might not have committed to the coaching sessions. But, I could tell that Cheri had a unique understanding of how to form and sustain habits and I was excited to start working with her right away.

If you’re ready to commit to change, and you can’t seem to just put one foot in front of the other, I suggest that you begin by contacting Cheri to set up a free consultation so you can review how her coaching program might benefit you in reaching your goals. Because she has multiple packages, you could set up just a few sessions to get your feet wet and see how Cheri is truly different.”

Sandra, Cleveland, OH

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