Sometimes when we are putting off things like crazy, when we finally get to them, it seems that we’re in slow motion-making the task at hand all the more cumbersome.

The next time you are finally getting around to something that doesn’t take a lot of brain power, try doing it as fast as you possibly can. Put on your ipod and try to clean out your car before the song is over or set your stop watch to 1 minute and see if you can empty the dishwasher or get your toddler dressed in record time.

Why prolong the dreaded?

Sometimes you can even burn an extra calorie or two if you do a task super fast-like housework or making your way around Target or Ikea to pick a few needed things up.

Also, your brain will love the way that you didn’t waste any time on something that’s not fun and be much more forgiving the next time the task makes it on your to do list-helping you stomp out the procrastination problem.