I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s Resolutions…why? First, New Year’s Resolutions often start at the goal. Rarely, is there ever room for progress. Starting January 1st, all is changed. Your brain doesn’t work like that and that’s why come March the gyms are empty again.
Second, New Year’s Resolutions lack contemplation and preparation. It’s a good idea to get your brain on board by thinking and talking about what kind of change you want in your life. I encourage buying new running clothes, hanging out with runners and surfing runner’s websites to get your brain believing that you are a runner now.
Lastly, New Year’s Resolutions (and the lack of success that usually goes along with them) can perpetuate harmful beliefs about yourself and get you really down. All that being said, long term change is possible, just not in the way that we Americans have gone about it in the past.
Click here ( http://web.me.com/cheriflake/The_Stress_Therapist/Newsletter_Archives_files/The%20New%20Year%27s%20Resolutionist%27s%20Mistake%202011.pdf ) to learn about how you can avoid the New Year’s Resolutionist’s Mistake. Good luck to you in your endeavors for long term healthy changes in your life!
Peace, Love and Happy New Year,