Well, it is nearing the end of my maternity leave…I should be blogging and writing my newsletter much more often now.

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What a learning experience having a baby has been!

One thing that I have learned is that babies don’t wait. Never ever. All they know is, “if I don’t have what I want right now, I’m going to scream.” There is no room for, “in a minute,” or “that can wait” or “maybe laters.”

Applying my techniques for getting things done and avoiding procrastination or stress-outs has been interesting. Certainly, there is less time in the day…a newborn will keep you quite busy! But that doesn’t mean that there is no time.

If anything, my spare time is much more structured as I take advantage of my baby’s naps and time with daddy. If I know that I only have a fifty minute nap window, then that’s when I have my time to manage. That’s it. No debating. No arguing with my brain on other fun things I can do. That’s it. Done.

I also find that it’s much easier to get things done if that “nap time” is already planned out. So, if I know that my baby is sleeping this evening from 5pm to 6pm, then I figure out what I will be doing during that nap well before he falls asleep. I can do this with his naps all day and really have an organized, productive day!

So, let this be a lesson in planning all of your down time. Go ahead and plan to watch your show or read your book, but also plan to clean out your closet, organize your kitchen and pay your bills.

Decide when you will do it. Give yourself a window of time…50 minutes, an hour and a half…even if you think it won’t be enough time for the task at hand! Remember, this is when you’re planning on working on it. When “baby wakes up,” time is up! Set up another time and stay moving on all of your projects and ideas.

Be a baby about it and you’ll surely get it done! No waiting or dilly dallying! Be just like your baby!

Go ahead and try it. Get it all done! Hit me back and let me know how it worked!

May you be productive during all of your “naps,”