Give Your Mind a Good Spring Cleaning

I went to Michigan State University (Go Green!) for undergraduate school. When I attended, there were about 55,000 kids there. It was quite a different academic setting than I was used to, but I embraced it. I liked the anonymity and independence of it all. I actually even enjoyed being a number rather than a [...]

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No Brainer To Do Lists, Reminders and Calendar Keeping

It is assumed that if you live here in America, you are busy. Remember this, if you're thinking about doing something, your brain doesn't know the difference between thinking about doing something or actually doing it. Crazy, huh? This is why you feel so awful when you put things off. Your brain thinks that it has been [...]

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Thinking Backwards…

If you are waiting for one thing to happen in order to make something else happen, you may want to stop waiting and get on it... One of my clients today, who loves to decorate, said that she wants to buy a new painting for her dining room, but just can’t until the whole house [...]

Back To School, Yay!

It’s about to be autumn...the kids are back in school and busy, busy, busy!Did you too love your school supplies???My love of new school supplies has contributed to my quest of an anti-procrastination way of living. This is something that you must refuse to outgrow! New school supplies that appeal to you may already be [...]

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Babies Don’t Wait! So, Be A Baby About It!

Hello!Well, it is nearing the end of my maternity leave...I should be blogging and writing my newsletter much more often now. (Click here: for my newsletter, "Guiding Inner Action: Teaching you the habits you can't wait to pick up!" With tips and tricks about staying motivated, avoiding stress outs and keeping up with healthy [...]

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A little baby on the way…

Hello!Just wanted to let you know...I have a little baby on the way so I won't really be blogging much about getting organized, not procrastinating or how to work on healthy habits and happy living in the next few months. Instead, I will be living and practicing all of these ideas! There are so many [...]

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Did You Love Your Trapper Keeper Like I Did?

Hello!I thought I would post an edition of my newsletter from about a year ago...Enjoy!I certainly hope that the beautiful fall weather is inspiring you and motivating you to start on some of those “someday maybe” projects and or thinking through some of the cool ideas that you’ve been having lately…Autumn always seems to take [...]

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Journey Into Healing

Aaaah...I've just returned from a Deepak Chopra conference entitled, "Journey Into Healing"...what a cool experience!Vegetarian meals, twice daily meditation and yoga, classes on healthy living and happy there's a de-stresser! Check out the Chopra center events at It was a pleasure to meet Deepak and hear him speak after reading a few of [...]

Skip A Blog or Two…

Hello!So, I'm blogging now...I'm a blogger. That's me. Hmmm, it suddenly feels like a lot of pressure.Posting my first blog reminds me a lot of writing your first journal entry...there's far too much pressure to write something profound. My advice? When you get your new journal, skip a few pages right off the bat and [...]