How to Have More Fun Over the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?



I keep seeing articles about how to “get through” the holidays or how to have a “stress-free holiday season” and well, it’s a little depressing. Even to me. 🙂

I get it. We are busy. It sometimes is hard. But, let’s not forget how fun it all can be, too.

Here’s the thing…This year is probably no different than any other year…Santa, traffic, gaudy decorations, Hanukkah, jingle bells, Christmas, cookies, parties and the same songs from year after year are here…again. There is no way around this! The only thing you can surely change is how you are going to think about it, which will influence your mood and your overall experience.

So, it becomes a decision…Autopilot is not the way out. Strangely, you’ll need to look for the way in.

What if the Grinch was onto something? What if fun is on the inside and not the outside?

You may be down for some fun this year but feel like it’s just so much work! When can we see Santa? Where are the best light displays? Ice skating, anyone?

Tack all these pressures on to school and work obligations and parties and longer to-do lists and gift-buying and it just doesn’t seem fun anymore…at all.

But what if you knew how to have fun even when you’re in traffic? Or a long line? Or crowded mall? Would you want to know the secret?

The truth is, fun really isn’t something you can find. Fun is made up of emotion as a result of experience. And life is made up of experiences. Your interpretation of what is fun becomes fun. So, it’s a choice. You make this choice from the inside out, not the outside in. No one is in charge of your fun but you and you are not the victim of no fun. It’s all in the way that you think about it.

You are actually the creator of fun

It’s already IN you.

So, how exactly can you create more fun this time of year?


First and foremost, I love teaching people how to create new habits and I find that taking new information in small doses is key, so over the next couple of weeks, I am going to send you two more tips on how to have more fun. No pressure. Just focus on and try out one at a time.


Ready? Here’s tip #1.


  1. Be Right. NOW.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.

― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


Seems kinda hard, right?

Time is a delusion. Nothing has ever happened in the past. It all happened Now. Nothing will happen in the future. Everything happens right Now. Now is all you got.

Now is the only real thing there is…might as well spend some time there.


But, are you missing it?

If you are, you may be wandering around asking people, “Can you believe that it’s time for the office holiday party?” or “Can you believe that it’s almost 2020??” My answer to these questions is always a resounding, “YES.”

Logically, December always comes after November and the new year starts in January. I really can always believe it. What’s not to believe??

However, time is a delusion. There is no holiday season, really. Feeling like time is speeding by implies that your thoughts are focused on what happened or what is going to happen and that you may need to experience the only real thing that exists…


How do you do this? Just ask yourself, “Am I still breathing? And really check…enjoy a breath or two, stay with it. It’s amazing. The more you do it, the better you will feel and function. I promise you. It will even start to be…dare I say it? FUN.

You just have to keep checking yourself like your breath is Insta or Words with Friends, or whatever else your brain has learned to love to check. Then breathe. Then check. Breathe. Check. Breathe…and so on.

If you get really good at reeling yourself back into the present moment that you are in, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you’ll find it way easier to laugh at the insanity of all the holidays have to offer.

Oh, and the next time someone says, “Can you believe it’s that time of year again!?” Please, please, kindly answer, “Yes, I can.” And if you think this is just not how you roll, then you may want to think again…because tip #2 is all about how to get out of habits that don’t serve you anymore.

Until then, have fun!

Much love and light to you,


P.S. Not sure where to go after “Am I still breathing?” Come with me on retreat!

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I wish you the most fun ever this holiday season!

Much Love and Light,