How to Have More Fun Over the Holidays

Part 2

How’s being in the Now working for you?

Fun, huh? 😉

Here comes tip #2 on how to have a bit more fun this holiday season…


  1. Stop Thinking That You’re Stuck

“Your personality creates your personal reality.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza

If you think that your personality is set in stone, I can assure you that this is dead wrong. If this was true, then I definitely wouldn’t have a job. You certainly can change the parts of you that are driving you nuts and that’s what makes all of this so fun!

If you’re ready to plow through the awkward family holiday get together and have fun anyway, you may need to practice thinking a bit differently but it’s absolutely doable.


The more you think about being overwhelmed or busy or downright miserable, the more your brain actually looks around in your environment to validate these thoughts and feelings.

The part of your brain that is all riled up and stressed out simply does not know the difference between thinking about doing something or actually doing something. So, if you are lamenting about the traffic that you will be in later, your brain thinks that you are in traffic right now. If you are in a casual conversation telling someone how “busy this time of year is” your brain thinks you are actually knee-deep in the hustle and bustle right now and frankly, you are not only blowing your precious leisure time, you are actively contributing to an unhealthy stress level all at once!

Maybe a good way to start is to refrain from answering, “busy” when someone asks you how you are doing. Even if you don’t mean anything by it, the “busy response” may be construed as off-putting and probably not what they are after anyway. Think about it, here is someone asking about beautiful you…So, honor this…Be present. Be with them and answer kindly and truthfully. Ask questions. Engage. This is what it’s all about after all, so don’t miss out! Because the irony is, spending time with others is actually a stress reliever, so make the best of it!


Start to be who you want to be and soon enough…you’ll become who you truly are. This takes some more of that mindfulness that everyone keeps talking about…


I’m totally tackling mindfulness in a quick tip to come!


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I wish you the most fun ever this holiday season!

Much Love and Light,