Hello super stars!

I learned this trick from Esther and Jerry Hicks…I love it!

It’s a piece of cake and seems to work every single time I do it!

Take a piece of paper and turn it sideways…like a placemat. On the left side, write the word, “Me,” on the right side, write, “The Universe.”

Write your to do list or efforts that you will make in your life toward what you want under “Me.”

RSVP for a party this week
Prepare my taxes for my accountant
Write a new brochure for my business
write an ad to find a new nanny
The Universe
Unexpected $100 for a new dress to wear to party
A nice big tax return
2 new clients
A reliable, wonderful, perfect, new nanny

Keep in mind too…your list under “Me” does not necessarily need to correspond with the items on “The Universe” list. Just write a to do list if you want under “Me” and any desires that you feel are out of your control under “The Universe.”

This will make you feel in control of what you really can grasp and change and let The Universe take care of the rest…a real stress reducer.

It may seem a bit silly, but it works, I swear!

Just put your Placemat Exercise together, put it up on the fridge, keep up your end of the bargain and wait a week…tell me I’m crazy!

You won’t!

You know what I always say…

What if it works???

You know it,