It’s a New Year, baby!

If you know me at all, you know that this is my very favorite subject…

I just feel like all I do is talk about, write about and harp on the New Year’s Resolutionist’s Mistake…

Rather than go on and on again, I’m going to give you the short version, the links to the longer versions and then call it a day…cool?

The short version goes like this…

Remember that your goals for the new year are GOALS! That means that they are something to work toward…therefore, on January 1st, you do not begin at the goal…you simply just start the new behavior…no matter how small or infrequent, you simply begin…little by little.

Now, I get that January 1st has come and gone, so start on Monday, or February 2nd…there’s no law that you have to start on January 1st…that’s just an excuse, so get over the January 1st obsession.

Next, think about this…if your New Year’s Resolution is to run 5 times a week, and you haven’t been running at all…you have a great goal!!! So, if on January 1st you walk for 5 minutes, you are working on it! You are doing it “right”! You are a star! You ROCK!

Also, starting at the goal can be a disaster especially if you attach a number to that goal….like “5 times a week.” Click here to see my 2 minute video blog on avoiding the numbers game with your resolutions –

Lastly, New Year’s Resolutions have a tough time right out of the gate as they tend to lack preparation and planning…click here to read about the New Year’s Resolutionist’s Mistake

Most importantly, remember something is always better than nothing…no matter what.

Good luck to you…I know you can do it…and as always, call me if you need me…

Peace and success to you in the new year,