Meditate? Exercise? Read more? DIY craft or home project? Music lesson?

I’m hearing a lot about our high hopes for what we’d like to get out of quarantine time…so what’s holding you back??

I am also hearing a lot of… “I just don’t feel motivated.” 

Here’s the thing…these crazy times have little pink flags raised all over your brain that are likely sending out stress hormones at a steady pace and maybe even burning you out a bit. It seems strange that a lot of doing less is so exhausting but it takes a lot for your body to keep your brain on high alert…most of the time.

So, here is the good news. You don’t necessarily need to be motivated. Inspired maybe…but full-on gung ho may not be available to you until you do the single most important thing that will get you doing whatever it is that you are blowing off.


Put it ON your calendar. 

Here is James Clear’s report on a study that proves that if you plan it, you are WAY more likely to do it. 

So, if having a regular meditation practice is on your agenda, I got you hooked up.

Every weekday at 9:30 am EST, I will meditate with you. Just for a few minutes, totally free via Zoom (and if you can’t make that time work, catch me here).  Sound good?

Then, PUT THIS IN YOUR CALENDAR NOW. Even if you can’t make it tomorrow or at all this week. By next week this class will be long forgotten and so will any plan to meditate. Put it in your calendar as a standing appointment and the day that you can make it, you will have it there reminding you. 

“That timing will just never work for me…”

I get it. So, decide now on a time that you actually can make it and PLAN ON IT! Go to my YouTube channel and grab a meditation from there…Better yet! Invite a friend! This will increase the odds of you showing up too.

In these 15-20 minute classes, you will learn about the benefits of meditation, the science behind it, exactly what to do, how to get over the obstacles, give your brain a great workout, all kinds of different methods and the tricks on how to make meditation a habit that lasts a lifetime.

Then, we will meditate together for a few minutes. These meditations are appropriate for everybody no matter how much experience you have…you can even bring your big kids along!

Every Friday, we do a special Loving Kindness Meditation sending all the good feels to everyone on this beautiful Earth. 🙂

And the best part? I promise it’s fun!

I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 9:30 am EST…you can plan on it!!!!

I wish you love and light and peace, health and healing,