Hello, busy people!

Here are a few tips on how to keep your “To Do” lists working for you and helping you get it all done!

I’m a big fan of “To Do” lists. The point is to get whatever is rolling around in your head on paper so you can stop thinking (and stressing!) about it. This is a HUGE stress reducer.

First, if you can do whatever it is that you are about to put on your list in 3 minutes or less…do it right then and there! You’ll be amazed how productive you can be with this practice.

Second, feel free to leave little pads of paper all around you so you don’t have to search for something to write on or forget before the next time you have paper. Put a pad next to the bed, in the car, by your toothbrush, next to the shower…anywhere that you seem to think or have new ideas…

Third, don’t let the multiple “To Do” list idea stress you out! It’s to help you out! You can always consolidate them at the end of the day or week or whatever.

Remember, the goal is to have somewhere to put it besides your brain!

You can do it!