I am writing this blog to illustrate how easy it is to get started on a task. This goes out to a client of mine that I saw yesterday that has been putting off starting a blog for weeks!

When you are putting something off, chances are you are making if far more difficult in your head than it the task will actually be…the bummer is…

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between thinking about doing something or actually doing something…if you don’t believe me, fantasize about eating a juicy lemon, really visualize it, and feel yourself start to salivate and pucker up!

So, by the time you actually sit down to do what you’ve been putting off, it feels like you’ve been doing it for hours, days or weeks already!

Just start by doing something…anything toward your goal. Sometimes that means simply writing some ideas down, making a phone call, finding a pen!

Remember, because motivation always comes after action, that little push will get you moving.

How long did it take me write this blog? About 3 or 4 minutes.


You can do it!!!!