Give Your Mind a Good Spring Cleaning

I went to Michigan State University (Go Green!) for undergraduate school. When I attended, there were about 55,000 kids there. It was quite a different academic setting than I was used to, but I embraced it. I liked the anonymity and independence of it all. I actually even enjoyed being a number rather than a [...]

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Feel good or feel bad…it’s your choice

Is it possible that everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be? That regret is just a big waste of time and energy simply because we don't believe that the universe is working for us? Can it be? Could every inconvenience and straight up bummer be...destiny? Things don't go exactly how we want them [...]

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It’s a physiological thing…

Our brains are wired up to assume that that we are always thinking about what we want. Your brain thinks that it's job is to bring you what you think about, that is, what you want.  Isn't that so nice of your brain? This is why, when you've been thinking about ditching the minivan and [...]

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No Brainer To Do Lists, Reminders and Calendar Keeping

It is assumed that if you live here in America, you are busy. Remember this, if you're thinking about doing something, your brain doesn't know the difference between thinking about doing something or actually doing it. Crazy, huh? This is why you feel so awful when you put things off. Your brain thinks that it has been [...]

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Don’t just get motivated…stay motivated!

We seem to always find it in us to get motivated, but how do we stay motivated? One piece of information that is often unknown, but imperative to your success in either getting something done or even creating a new, healthy habit, is this: Motivation comes after action, not before. If you swear that this [...]

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Something is ALWAYS better than NOTHING!

Hello!I am writing this blog to illustrate how easy it is to get started on a task. This goes out to a client of mine that I saw yesterday that has been putting off starting a blog for weeks!When you are putting something off, chances are you are making if far more difficult in your [...]

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