I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s Resolutions…at least not in the way we typically go about them.

Three reasons!

New Year’s Resolutions Start at the GOAL

New Year’s Resolutions often having you starting right at your goal rather than working toward your goal. January 1st is not a magical day. You have to start somewhere and work up to your goal date. The only way to make change last is by implementing it into your life little by little.

New Year’s Resolutions Lack

Contemplation and Preparation

Often, usually in December, when I hear someone talk abut their upcoming New Year’s Resolution, they may mention it, but usually avoid the subject.

When you decide that you want to start a new habit, you’ll want to take some time to think about it and prepare for it. Let your brain begin to associate you with the new behavior in a positive way. Visualize how it can fit into your schedule. Buy what you’ll need to accomplish it.

Talk about your new habit, think about it, hang out with people that do it and learn about what they do, have and are because they do it.

New Year’s Resolutions Can Be Lonely

Find an accountability partner that has the same goal as you. Believe me, you’ll be way more likely to go to a spinning class if your neighbor is at your door, dressed and ready to ride!

New Year’s Resolutions Perpetuate Harmful Beliefs

Your beliefs are simply thoughts that you have over and over. If you keep on falling short at bringing a new healthy habit into your life, you may start to think that you’re a failure, or someone that just can’t change. Keep in mind, these thoughts aren’t even true! If you think these thoughts enough, you begin to believe them and if you believe them you may stop trying to change altogether.

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Happy New Year!