New Year’s Resolutions, Lent, whatever your promises are to yourself this year, I can almost guarantee that one or two are fitness related.

The next time you have a meal, try Mindful Eating.

First, prepare it alone, with little distraction. No TV, no phone, no radio. No noise. Silently prepare it and think about everything that goes into it. Really ONLY think about the ingredients…when you start to think of something else, redirect your thoughts back to the sandwich, the salad, the pasta, whatever…

Then, sit alone in continued silence. Begin to eat mindfully.

Think about the nurturing and care that you are putting into your body. The love. Chew each bite mindfully, that is, not automatically. Taste it. Think about it. Really enjoy it. Go ahead and put your hands down, or your fork, after every bite.

Stop eating when you are no longer hungry or 80% full. Even if there is some left. Think about the baby that gobbles up pancakes and licks every finger right up until she is frankly, full. No matter how good the pancakes are, she listens to her body.

Listen to yours, now.