Before you casually throw out another, “I’lll get to that after the holidays,” take a moment to think about how really far off that is…

I mean, if we’re talking about after New Year’s Day, that’s THIRTY FIVE days from now! That’s exactly, FIVE WEEKS from now…

And who knows how long you’ve been spouting off this procrastination phrase BEFORE Thanksgiving even showed up!

Really?? You can’t work in a lunch date or a fun get together?

Yes, the month of December is busy, but I think most of us tend to really overestimate how much we have going on and really overestimate how much magical time is going to show up at our door come January.

So, just give it a little thought before you put it off is all I’m suggesting. Me? I started my 5 lb. weight loss plan on Friday. Yep! Right in the middle of the holiday craziness. Wish me luck…I’m just sayin’ why put it off???

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Happy Holidays,