Hello, Lovely Reader!

I learned an interesting word at the VOX Magazine Annual Spelling Bee this week. During the practice round, spellers were given teen friendly words that may or may actually be in the Webster’s Dictionary.  One such word was “Protaskitasking.” 

Essentially, this word means to get busy doing something while actively procrastinating on another task.  

I love this word! 

We have all done this, right? Busy, busy busy while something we wish we were doing is looming somewhere in the back of our minds.  We rationalize that the current task at hand is important, but this is merely to fool ourselves into believing that we are not in fact, procrastinating. 

Here are a couple of things to remember the next time you are “procrasitasking.” 

1. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between thinking about doing something or actually doing something, so your procrastination is going to feel way worse if it’s found a place to bug you in your mind.  Get it out by just doing the procrastinated task or forgetting about it entirely so you are only thinking about doing something when you actually are doing something.  

2. Plato said, “Time that you enjoy spending is not wasted time.” It’s likely that the task that you are busying yourself with is actually enjoyable.  Why not reward yourself with this task after you finish the procrastinated task? If you enjoy doing something, go ahead and allow yourself to fully enjoy it, rather than just sort of enjoy it with something else you need to do bugging you essentially ruining your good time.  

Nip that procrastitasking in the bud and move on…the best thing about what you used to do is that it’s over. Move on to a new way of getting it all done and enjoy a little happier living.