Yes, hindsight is always 20/20, but why wait?  
I once got a fax (!) from my boss on a Friday that said we would be closed on Monday and I thought this was the end of the world.  Turned out, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and guided me right toward opening my own business.  
Everyone has felt like this at one time or another.  In your life, when has something that you thought was awful actually turn out to be your best teacher? Or helped you avoid something far worse? 
Sometimes, why something is happening to us still leaves us wondering, but doesn’t it just feel better to go along and assume that things just have a way of working out in the end?  Don’t they, anyway? 
The world means nothing without our perceptions and interpretations so go ahead take the reigns and decide now that you will change the way you will handle something that goes “wrong.” It’s way easier to roll with the punches as long as you can remember that you may end up later being actually thankful for our “misfortunes.”
 It may make you wonder if it’s possible that things are exactly how they are supposed to be…that when we interpret something that is “inconvenient” or even “horrible” that it could actually be all a part of a grander plan that we just cannot see in the moment.  
I write this today as my foot sits in its post op boot, with crutches at my side, watching my mom outside running around with my kids while planning my family’s move for this weekend.  
Is it really just a drag, or a lesson or perhaps, even a gift for me? 
So far, I know I’m learning how to let people do things for me.  I’ve allowed myself to slow down.  Could it be an awakening for my husband? I’ve never felt so appreciated for all that I do for us. 
I don’t know. 
I probably never will, but thinking these thoughts feel much better than feeling sorry for myself, getting down or asking, “why me?” or “why now?,” that’s for sure.
I’m relishing in the small pleasures I can see right now. Like watching my 3 and 1 year old bedazzle my boot. Love is all around. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder.