You Can CREATE Motivation…Here’s How It Works…

The Mothers of Motivation (MOMs):How to Create MotivationMom #1: Motivation Comes After Action, Not Before This is the key concept when considering motivation.  It is the Mother of all MOMs, in that a good understanding will pave your road to learning and applying all other MOMs.  Motivation comes after action, never before.  This comes as a surprise for most people.  You may be hoping you will [...]

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See It Now, Buy It NOW.

Hello, Lovely Readers!I know it's only about to be Halloween, but there is just no reason not to nip some of your holiday shopping in the bud now.  I don't mean going on long, involved shopping endeavors, instead adopt the by the little by little mentality.  If you already know that you will give your [...]

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Are You A Procrastitasker???

Hello, Lovely Reader!I learned an interesting word at the VOX Magazine Annual Spelling Bee this week. During the practice round, spellers were given teen friendly words that may or may actually be in the Webster's Dictionary.  One such word was "Protaskitasking." Essentially, this word means to get busy doing something while actively procrastinating on another task. [...]

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Do Everyone Else A Favor and Ask For Help…

It's really's even harder, for some strange reason, if you're a woman. But, it's sometimes the very best thing that you can do for yourself.Here's the kicker...if it still feels weird and impossible. Asking for help may actually be added to the long list of things that you are actually doing for other people.People [...]

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Feeling busy? Overwhelmed? Stressed Out?

Hello!I’m wondering, are you feeling especially busy, overwhelmed or stressed out?Really???That's great news! Consider yourself a lucky ducky!You mean to tell me that you're not running around looking for shelter or your next meal? You have moved on, gotten those needs met and you're working on what you need to be doing and what you [...]

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