Rather than kill yourself this holiday season, start now little by little to get the job done.

This doesn’t mean that you need to lug out the tree just yet…just buy things that you will need as you see them. This means ending the, “I’ll come back for that” lie that lends to the stress of the season as the holidays approach.

Buy. It. NOW.

I get it if you are looking for a better deal or waiting on a sale, but otherwise, go for it. Stash away all of the goodies and gifts that you buy before Thanksgiving and when you go to get organized for the holidays, it will be like Christmas for you when you discover that you’ve already gotten a few gifts out of the way!

Stopping for a coffee? Buy a gift card for your mailman. Grabbing some milk? Check out the array of gift cards available near the check out line for stocking stuffers. Need a dress for that cocktail party? Pick up a sweater for your sister, too. You’ll be amazed how much you can get done so early.

The kicker is that these early gifts will actually be thoughtful ones since it’s not a last minute obligatory buy.

Who knows? Without the stress of the crazy, last minute, hustle and bustle, you may get a chance to actually enjoy the season this year!