Beat Holiday Stress – How to Stop Creating It

Hello lovely reader!If I told you to go out and fill your trunk up stress, you couldn't do it.  We create stress.  So, during the holidays especially, make an effort to simply stop creating stress.  How?1. See it now, buy it now!  If you know that you are going to eventually pick up a gift [...]

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See It Now, Buy It NOW.

Hello, Lovely Readers!I know it's only about to be Halloween, but there is just no reason not to nip some of your holiday shopping in the bud now.  I don't mean going on long, involved shopping endeavors, instead adopt the by the little by little mentality.  If you already know that you will give your [...]

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The “After the Holidays…” Put Off

Before you casually throw out another, "I'lll get to that after the holidays," take a moment to think about how really far off that is...I mean, if we're talking about after New Year's Day, that's THIRTY FIVE days from now! That's exactly, FIVE WEEKS from now...And who knows how long you've been spouting off this [...]

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Be Early and Be Merry!

Rather than kill yourself this holiday season, start now little by little to get the job done. This doesn't mean that you need to lug out the tree just yet...just buy things that you will need as you see them. This means ending the, "I'll come back for that" lie that lends to the stress [...]

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‘Tis the season for procrastination

Hello!Well, it's that time of year again...people are about to start putting off more than they have all year. It's quite sad acutally...I mean, if you decide today to put something off until "after the holidays" that's 44 DAYS of putting off! And let's face it, if you put it off until the first, that's [...]

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This Is So Simple!

Hello!I just wanted to quickly post a little something for you to think about...You know how your friend had a baby and your neighbor is having a birthday and your boss is having a party and you have to pick up a onesie, a gift and a bottle of wine???That puts you in three different [...]