There is a lot of pressure on moms to record and keep everything that their babies do from birth to high school graduation. A lot of these expected practices just may not fit your organizational personality or frankly, your busy schedule.

Let go of the expectations or the guilties and consider getting really creative with your keepsakes and memoirs and just do it your way.

You may not be comfortable keeping a Mommy Blog, but may like the idea of just keeping a simple YouTube station for funny videos. Maybe you’d like to take four hours out of a day once a year to construct a milestone book with Shutterfly or Snapfish. Or, maybe you’re more like me and you would rather spend less than a minute every night before you go to bed to just write one sentence about being a mom or sweet things your baby does (If this practice appeals to you, try this journal. It’s perfect

Perhaps, you just want to remember the funny things that your kid said to you and only do some journaling for those funny moments (If this is your speed, try My Quotable Kid,

Recently, I’ve taken up a new millenium style type of journaling. I post what I want to remember about my kids, and then take a picture of my FB screen on my smartphone forever chronicalling my kids’ milestones in my personal photo database, while at the same time, providing some sweet information for my friends and family.

Filling out every line in a baby book may be your style…then again, it may not. Be creative and remember these precious moments with your kids in ways that make you excited about keeping a personal record rather than rotten about the way you “should” be doing it.