Hello, Lovely Reader!

So, it’s a fresh, new year.  All shiny and unblemished.  It’s time for your resolutions to change your life for the good once and for all.  New Year’s Resolutions are my specialty.  

I love the idea of change ~ after all, I am a change agent at heart.  

However, the way that we typically go about New Year’s Resolutions sets us up for failure and the antithesis of change – that is, feeling bad about not being successful in our change efforts.  

I am actually offering a Mini Workshop on January 28th on how to avoid what I call the New Year’s Resolutionist’s Mistake.  I can teach you how to get your resolutions to stick for good while having a good time doing it (click HERE for more information and to sign up! HALF price if you bring a friend or just mention this blog!).  
For now, I have this for you…NYR are not about changing starting on January 1st, for good, forever and with perfection.  This is extremely unlikely to happen for you.  Our brains simply don’t work in this way.  
Instead, try thinking (and writing down!) this way…”By the end of 2013, I want to be doing (insert behavior) regularly.” Or, “I want to have visited (insert place).” Or, “I want to have tried (insert endeavor).”  Or, “I want to have finished (insert task).”  
An excellent way to get your brain on board and organized is to write a list: 20 things that you want to BE, 20 things that you want to HAVE and 20 things that you want to DO.  This BE, HAVE, DO list really gets my clients into thinking about what they want and contemplating if any of the items can be listed as NYR for 2013. 
The bottom line is, no one says, “Starting January 1st, I will be performing Jimi Hendrix licks on the guitar.” It is the wise, successful New Year’s Resolutionist that instead endeavors, “By the end of 2013, I will be able to perform one Jimi Hendrix lick.” 
Don’t start at the goal! 
Instead, create specific goals and give yourself some time to achieve them and the next thing you know, you’ve changed for the good successfully.
Let me know how it’s going, Resolutionists!