It seems like when we want change in our lives, we want it to be BIG.  We want it to change our lives for the better and we want it right NOW. 

Here is the thing about change; it doesn’t need to be this monumental event in order to work.  In fact, the exact oppostite is actually where you will find the most success.  

Little by little is always the way to go…I promise.  

Do you want to start today, to never have sugar, bread or processed foods ever again, and only really keep it up for 2 maybe 3 weeks tops?  

Or, would you rather make a long-lasting change where you cut out certain foods over the course of a year and at the end of that year you’ve successfully adopted a new healthy eating lifestyle???  

It’s ok if you only start by not taking sugar in your coffee today and practice this for a week or two.  I’m giving you permission.  

The truth is, your brain loves gradual change and is less likely to sabatoge your efforts if you give it a little time to adopt your new behavior as normal.  

Remember that change that takes a while, really gets the job done right…right?