Since we know that we can’t actually produce stress out of thin air-that we can’t actually put it in our cars and drive it home from the store or wherever we can “find” it, we must know that we create it.

This is HUGE. If we create stress then all we have to do is stop creating it then, right? Right.

We create stress with our thoughts. A lot of times, it’s because we are catastrophizing all of our events. I often give my clients a “Catastrophizing Scale” so they can assess just how bad they are making it for themselves day to day.

In a nutshell, it works on 1 to 10 scale like this…Let’s say that not being able to find a parking spot is a “1” and something like the horrible Hurricane Katrina comes by and wipes out your house with every single thing you own AND every single person you love is a “10.”

What does that make an argument with your spouse? A flat tire? Losing your job???

Are you treating everything in your life like it’s a “10”???

This is not only living a lie, but very hard on your body since it uses physiological responses to “10s” that’ll get worn out in a hurry and leave you with faulty (bodily) equipment if everything is always a 10! I believe this is how illness sets in…

So, start putting things in perspective and rate your events appropriately. Stop hurting yourself!

I think you’ll feel a lot better.