Snow Day Stress Busters! You need this, I know…

Well, if you're anywhere near where I am in Atlanta, snow days have been in abundance here lately! It goes without saying that changes in schedules and the questionable future (is school out tomorrow again???) can make a lot of mommies super anxious. Add a little (A LOT!) of cabin fever and virtually no mommy [...]

Your Brain is Wired Up to Sabotage Any Sudden Behavioral Change…No Matter What!

There is a great book called, "Change or Die" by Alan Deutchman.  In it, he reveals that when heart patients are faced with the consequence of dying if they don't adopt a healthier lifestyle, an astounding 90% of patients will not stick to the long-term change recommendations by their physicians.  How can this be??? Even [...]

Things Have A Way of Working Out…Perfectly.

Yes, hindsight is always 20/20, but why wait?  I once got a fax (!) from my boss on a Friday that said we would be closed on Monday and I thought this was the end of the world.  Turned out, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and guided me right toward opening my own business. [...]

Stop Catastrophizing! It’s bad for you!

Hello!Since we know that we can’t actually produce stress out of thin air-that we can’t actually put it in our cars and drive it home from the store or wherever we can “find” it, we must know that we create it. This is HUGE. If we create stress then all we have to do is [...]

It’s Time To Be Right AND Happy…

Hello lovely readers!We hear a lot of talk about “thinking positive” and “keeping your chin up,” and I am certainly in the camp that believes that making sure that your thoughts are in alignment with what you want is going to make your life better.But, why, then is it so incredibly hard to do? Maybe [...]

Think About What You’re Thinking About!

Hello! We have all heard that thoughts are things...but it's just so hard to believe! Let's take this concept from a physiological perspective.Your brain will do anything that it can to get you what you think about...that's why you always see the car that you were thinking about buying (in the color that you want!) [...]

Give up your “shoulds and “oughts” for good…

Hello!I am a big proponent of giving up the "S" word. It never makes you feel good to think about what you should be just feel bad and guilty instead. So, I tell my clients to replace them all with "I'm working on..", "it would be nice if...", or "I want to start..." This [...]

Popular Homework

Hellllllooooo!When I begin to notice that I am assigning the same homework a few times in a week, I tend to think that the presenting problem that prompts the assignment in the first place may be "going around."So, what's in your drinking water? A recent bout of dramatic negative thinking? Yuck!I thought I might share [...]

Journey Into Healing

Aaaah...I've just returned from a Deepak Chopra conference entitled, "Journey Into Healing"...what a cool experience!Vegetarian meals, twice daily meditation and yoga, classes on healthy living and happy there's a de-stresser! Check out the Chopra center events at It was a pleasure to meet Deepak and hear him speak after reading a few of [...]