There is a Little Peace Right in Your Pocket!

We ALL have a lot to do. Everyone is super busy.  And, strangely, as soon as we aren't busy, we go crazy trying to make ourselves busy.  Why? Because let's face it, "busy" has a lot of value in our society.  If you're bored or chill, you leave open the opportunity to be called, "lazy," or not as "good" [...]

The Kid Swap Done Right

Hello!It seems like everyone is always telling us moms that we need a break...As if we don't already know this!  Let's face it, sitters are very expensive, family isn't always available and the reality is, it's just easier to keep trucking along as always rather than find a way to get our much needed break. [...]

Think it! Park it! Do it!

A great rule of thumb in getting it all done is this: If you can do it in two minutes, do it RIGHT NOW. If you can't, learn to rely a little more on your smart phone.  Why carry it all around in your head if Siri can keep all of it organized for you?    Researchers [...]

Alligator Ride, Anyone???

Hello Lovely Reader!Last week, I told my almost 3 year old son, Owen that on Monday morning, we would be going to see his daddy where he works. I gave him the various details about when we would go and how long it would take to get there. He seemed particularly interested in the fact [...]

Stress Less and Toss the Traditional Baby Book

There is a lot of pressure on moms to record and keep everything that their babies do from birth to high school graduation. A lot of these expected practices just may not fit your organizational personality or frankly, your busy schedule. Let go of the expectations or the guilties and consider getting really creative with [...]

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How to Stay Motivated…

How Motivation Works 101: The most important and often overlooked concept here is this: Motivation comes after action, never before. So, you'll have to get yourself moving, just the littlest bit, to start breeding the motivation to stick to something. If this doesn't make any sense to you, you may be confusing inspiration with motivation. [...]

Thinking Backwards…

If you are waiting for one thing to happen in order to make something else happen, you may want to stop waiting and get on it... One of my clients today, who loves to decorate, said that she wants to buy a new painting for her dining room, but just can’t until the whole house [...]

The Universe Often Knows Best…

Sometimes when we are at a crossroads and we need to make a decision about something, the anxiety just from being undecided can be too much. Often, we haphazardly make a decision just to ease the anxiety and later find that we may have been a bit hasty. The next time you find yourself just [...]

Stop Catastrophizing! It’s bad for you!

Hello!Since we know that we can’t actually produce stress out of thin air-that we can’t actually put it in our cars and drive it home from the store or wherever we can “find” it, we must know that we create it. This is HUGE. If we create stress then all we have to do is [...]

Think About What You’re Thinking About!

Hello! We have all heard that thoughts are things...but it's just so hard to believe! Let's take this concept from a physiological perspective.Your brain will do anything that it can to get you what you think about...that's why you always see the car that you were thinking about buying (in the color that you want!) [...]