Memories-The Good, The Bad, and Unicorn Toots

Two weeks ago, living up to his expectations as an active and adventurous little 8 year-old boy, my son tried some acrobatics on our second-floor banister, lost his balance and landed right on his head on our wooden first floor below. Let me say right off the bat, he’s okay!!! But, holy smokes! That [...]

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Take Your Time and Change for Good.

Hello!It seems like when we want change in our lives, we want it to be BIG.  We want it to change our lives for the better and we want it right NOW. Here is the thing about change; it doesn't need to be this monumental event in order to work.  In fact, the exact oppostite is [...]

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Firework Living

Hello!There is nothing like fireworks to get you in a present moment state of mind.  A burst of brilliance can really force your attention into the now.  The ooooohs and aaaaahs bring us back every year. It's easy to get lost at a firework show.  But, why do we need such events to force us [...]

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