We have all heard that thoughts are things…but it’s just so hard to believe! Let’s take this concept from a physiological perspective.

Your brain will do anything that it can to get you what you think about…that’s why you always see the car that you were thinking about buying (in the color that you want!) everywhere you look. However, your brain also thinks that you spend all of your time thinking about things that you want rather than things that you don’t want (Silly brain!).

This is actually a survival technique. So back in the cave man days, when you became obsessed with thinking about shelter so you wouldn’t freeze and wild boars so you wouldn’t starve, your brain was wired to actually seek out what you were so focused on in order to keep you alive.

Your brain also likes to think in pictures. So, when you’re having trouble visualizing or thinking about what you want, picture it in your mind’s eye and be sure that what you don’t want is not there. So, basically, you’re picturing a perfect driving record while you’re getting pulled over, instead of a ticket with an X through it. Simple, huh? Try it. I always say, “What if it works???”

Thoughts are things, people! And, don’t you forget it!