Memories-The Good, The Bad, and Unicorn Toots

Two weeks ago, living up to his expectations as an active and adventurous little 8 year-old boy, my son tried some acrobatics on our second-floor banister, lost his balance and landed right on his head on our wooden first floor below. Let me say right off the bat, he’s okay!!! But, holy smokes! That [...]

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Fear…Fight, Flight or a Challenge?

Halloween is my JAM. I absolutely love it. My family also takes this holiday very seriously. Let’s just say that we have had our plan for costumes in place since July. Maybe it’s because my husband and I met at a Halloween party, but we really see it as quite the event every year. [...]

Think About What You’re Thinking About!

Hello! We have all heard that thoughts are things...but it's just so hard to believe! Let's take this concept from a physiological perspective.Your brain will do anything that it can to get you what you think about...that's why you always see the car that you were thinking about buying (in the color that you want!) [...]

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Thoughts Are Things!

Hello!Remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live? You know, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me!" As funny as we thought that character was, Stuart was actually on to something. Beliefs are simply thoughts that we have had over and over. That's why affirmations simply need to change your [...]

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Yeah, but…

Hello, my loves...I would like to give you some homework today...You know when you are talking with someone and they just insist on focusing on the negative? Perhaps, you are able to really see the positive in their situation, but every time you point it out your companion comes back with a resounding, "Yeah, but..."Is [...]

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