Hello there!

So, I have just returned from quite a vacation!

Part of my time off included a cruise. As I was saying my good-byes to a few new friends, I noticed many commenting that they feel like they need a “vacation after my vacation.”

Often, vacations or “holidays,” (a seemingly more appropriate term that I love) can be rigorous and filled with activity after activity with the effort of trying to “get it all in.” This may be especially true if you are attempting to include some leisure time or sight seeing into a work-related trip (which, by the way, I highly recommend). A busy trip may leave you feeling quite drained at the end of your “holiday” that was supposed to get you relaxed and recharged.

This can be the case even if you are a beach for a week…getting that Serotonin and Vitamin D flowing naturally through you can really make you feel quite serene and even a bit sleepy…certainly, not exactly where you need to be to “get right back in the swing of things.”

Why not go ahead and plan for your “vacation after your vacation” before you leave? I mean it…ease back into life, just as you allow yourself to ease into the beginning of your holiday. I know for me, it always takes a day or two to really “feel like” I’m on vacation.

Come home a day early and perhaps, shoot a few holes at a local golf course while you do a load of vacation laundry.

See the movie that you’ve been wanting to see after a 20 minute planning session of your upcoming week.

Plan for your first day back at work to be minimal.

Just let your holiday linger a little…it’s OK to let it all stay with you a while longer…just allow all those benefits of a lovely break ease into your work and home life.

Half the battle in life is knowing what you need in order to be a better you…take advantage of situations when you actually know! You need a break after your break? Well, than take it…

This may get you into a nice practice of taking mini holidays…a whole day off…a few hours away from the office…a lunch with an old friend…5 minute moments of silence…

By the way, it was very therapeutic to watch the enormous wake of a 951′ ship fall away into the ocean. The past really is, “just a trail you’ve left behind…nothing more.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Have a lovely holiday,