I’ve just returned from a Deepak Chopra conference entitled, “Journey Into Healing”…what a cool experience!

Vegetarian meals, twice daily meditation and yoga, classes on healthy living and happy living…now there’s a de-stresser! Check out the Chopra center events at

It was a pleasure to meet Deepak and hear him speak after reading a few of his books. My favorite book by Deepak Chopra is “Quantum Healing.” In this book of vignettes featuring various patients he saw mostly in typical medical settings, you learn how very powerful your mind is in healing, as well as perpetuating illness. I appreciated the wonder and possibiltity that Deepak alludes to by including some stories that don’t necessarily fit in with the theme of the rest of the book. A must read if you or someone you love is suffering from a chronic or recurring illness.

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Have a lovely, lovely day!

Peace and Namaste,