Fear…Fight, Flight or a Challenge?

Halloween is my JAM. I absolutely love it. My family also takes this holiday very seriously. Let’s just say that we have had our plan for costumes in place since July. Maybe it’s because my husband and I met at a Halloween party, but we really see it as quite the event every year. [...]

Know the Difference Between Your Mind and Your Brain!

Hello! Is you brain holding you back from making the awesome changes in your life? Could be...Your brain has this physiological survival technique that may be hindering you from keeping up with your healthy habits. Your brain likes to regulate everything in your body so it hums and works perfectly. Unfortunately, this often includes manipulating [...]

Am I Still Breathing???

These days a lot of talk is rolling around about being "present" and "mindful," what does it all mean anyway??I really like the way Eckert Tolle suggests finding your present moment. He says to just ask yourself, "Am I still breathing?"See, it's impossible to be totally focused on your breath and doing something else. Even [...]

Journey Into Healing

Aaaah...I've just returned from a Deepak Chopra conference entitled, "Journey Into Healing"...what a cool experience!Vegetarian meals, twice daily meditation and yoga, classes on healthy living and happy living...now there's a de-stresser! Check out the Chopra center events at http://www.chopra.com/. It was a pleasure to meet Deepak and hear him speak after reading a few of [...]