So, how’s the “holiday season” going for you?
Busy? Really busy? Really? Honestly?

Don’t get stuck in the “When-Then Trap!”

I want you to try an experiment…just a little something that’s super easy…

The next time you say to yourself or to someone else,

“That will have to wait until after the holidays” or

“I’m not even going to think about that until after the New Year,” or

“When the holidays are over then I will deal with that,”

I want you to visualize “hearing” a big buzzer going off in your head, and then a loud, “Stop!”

Notice that you are putting off something and using “the holidays” as an excuse (they certainly are tempting, I know!)

Next, quickly do the math…if you continue with your procrastinating plan, how long would you actually be procrastinating this particular new idea, project or task?

Go ahead…so, if it happened today…
Christmas Day is 15 days away, more than two weeks!
New Years Day is 22 days away, more than three weeks!!
(By the way, if your holiday season kicks off with Hanukkah tomorrow December 11th, that’s no excuse! It’s still more than 3 weeks of procrastinating before the New Year!!!)

Reassess what it is that you are putting off…does it really need to wait two, or most likely, three weeks???

It really may be that what you are putting off actually is too big, and therefore feels too cumbersome so your brain just shuts it out. Break it down!

Then, decide right then and there that you will take a baby step; the littlest, teensiest movement toward whatever it is that you are putting off.

Remember, motivation comes after action!

You will feel so incredibly great if you just address the smallest piece of it, rather than push it all aside…

What will it really take? A phone call? An errand? Jotting down a couple of ideas? Just get the ball rolling and then make a realistic plan to get it done.

Just think of all the little tasks, ideas and new things that you can get moving on in the month of December that you would have otherwise just blown off! You won’t believe how much control you take with the littlest bit of action…you will love it!

Think about the way you think about things!

Let’s say that I was going to have a party sometime in the next three weeks and I sent you an evite…would you come if you were available? Honestly, if you thought that it would be fun, wouldn’t you work it out and come along? Or would you go on and on about how long it might take and how hard it would be to pick out an outfit and find my house?

See, we make time for what we want to make time for…it’s all in the way that we think…so why do the gutters have to wait? How about that project at work? Isn’t time off way more fun when a yucky something isn’t waiting on your desk at work? And how about that garage? Let’s get real, here…if you were having a party and everyone had to walk through the garage to get inside, you may “find’ the time to get it clean, right?

We tend to think of our time like we think about our money…can I afford these designer shoes? Well, sure! But I can’t afford to eat at that 5 star restaurant, are you nuts??? I need to be able to buy designer shoes!

Remember, we have time for the things we want to have time for,
just like we afford the things that we want to afford.

I’ll be in touch super soon, until then and during the lovely holiday season;
Let it go, stay pumped, get it done, be you and go get it!

Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season and a joyous New Year,

Teaching you the habits you can’t wait to pick up!