4 Tips to Help Your Kids Create a Healthy Body Image & Relationship With Food

Recently, I have had quite a few people inquire about how to talk to their children with weight loss or food without passing on negative body image messages.  People seem to be aware of the fact that this subject is a sensitive one (thank goodness) and are wanting sane and balanced ways to help their [...]

Your Brain is Wired Up to Sabotage Any Sudden Behavioral Change…No Matter What!

There is a great book called, "Change or Die" by Alan Deutchman.  In it, he reveals that when heart patients are faced with the consequence of dying if they don't adopt a healthier lifestyle, an astounding 90% of patients will not stick to the long-term change recommendations by their physicians.  How can this be??? Even [...]

It’s a physiological thing…

Our brains are wired up to assume that that we are always thinking about what we want. Your brain thinks that it's job is to bring you what you think about, that is, what you want.  Isn't that so nice of your brain? This is why, when you've been thinking about ditching the minivan and [...]

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Your Guide to CREATING Motivation: MOM #2

Hello, lovely, lovely Reader!Here is the continuation of the Motivation series I have for you:The Mothers of Motivation: How to Create MotivationMOM#2: Adopt the Little by Little MentalityYou learned in the last blog that motivation comes after action, not before, so, it is important that you are working on your desired behavior a little here and [...]

Stress Less and Toss the Traditional Baby Book

There is a lot of pressure on moms to record and keep everything that their babies do from birth to high school graduation. A lot of these expected practices just may not fit your organizational personality or frankly, your busy schedule. Let go of the expectations or the guilties and consider getting really creative with [...]

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Do Everyone Else A Favor and Ask For Help…

It's really hard...it's even harder, for some strange reason, if you're a woman. But, it's sometimes the very best thing that you can do for yourself.Here's the kicker...if it still feels weird and impossible. Asking for help may actually be added to the long list of things that you are actually doing for other people.People [...]

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