It is assumed that if you live here in America, you are busy. 

Remember this, if you’re thinking about doing something, your brain doesn’t know the difference between thinking about doing something or actually doing it. Crazy, huh? 

This is why you feel so awful when you put things off. Your brain thinks that it has been working on whatever you have been putting off every time you think about it. Furthermore, because you have only been thinking about it, your brain thinks you’re really getting nowhere with the task at hand!  And, sadly, this is right.  

Make technology work FOR you.  I spend a lot of time with my clients just teaching them the tricks and tips of their smartphone. Set up automatic AND recurring reminders every 2 weeks to pay your credit card so you’re never late. Record in your “notes” the salsa ingredients that your husband loves so you don’t forget something at the grocery store. If you need to buy your kid’s teacher an end of the year gift and it’s in your to do list, that errand needs needs a home in your calendar where you actually mark off time to run to Macy’s for a gift card. If you see a recipe you like on the Dr. Oz show, take a picture of your TV screen and your dry erase grocery list at home and have it handy at the grocery store. 

Nowadays, there is absolutely no reason to be thinking about anything that needs to be done, or that you’re afraid that you might forget.  

Free up space in your head for some creative, new, relaxing fun thoughts, not the 60,000 thoughts you had yesterday.