Give Your Mind a Good Spring Cleaning

I went to Michigan State University (Go Green!) for undergraduate school. When I attended, there were about 55,000 kids there. It was quite a different academic setting than I was used to, but I embraced it. I liked the anonymity and independence of it all. I actually even enjoyed being a number rather than a [...]

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Feeling busy? Overwhelmed? Stressed Out?

Hello!I’m wondering, are you feeling especially busy, overwhelmed or stressed out?Really???That's great news! Consider yourself a lucky ducky!You mean to tell me that you're not running around looking for shelter or your next meal? You have moved on, gotten those needs met and you're working on what you need to be doing and what you [...]

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Hello!So, how’s the “holiday season” going for you?Busy? Really busy? Really? Honestly?Don’t get stuck in the “When-Then Trap!”I want you to try an experiment…just a little something that’s super easy…The next time you say to yourself or to someone else,“That will have to wait until after the holidays” or“I’m not even going to think about [...]