I just wanted to quickly post a little something for you to think about…

You know how your friend had a baby and your neighbor is having a birthday and your boss is having a party and you have to pick up a onesie, a gift and a bottle of wine???

That puts you in three different retail situations this week!

Why not scope out a Holiday gift or two while you’re at Toys ‘R Us, Macy’s and Trader Joe’s???

It’s perfectly ok to hang on to a gift for a month or two and you will just love it when you go to get organized and see that you have already knocked off a few gifts!

I think it’s hard sometimes for a lot of people to start buying holiday gifts as the season gears up…it seems the early carols and loud Christmas trees at the mall give us all flashbacks of the misery that holiday shopping has been in the past. Why not nip that anxiety in the bud and start handling the holidays little by little???

You don’t need to tackle the whole season in one trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond…but wasn’t my mother-in-law just saying that she needed a new alarm clock??? Hmm, I’m here…the alarm clocks are on sale…

See what I mean?

That’s the super cool thing: you may actually get something that you think your recipient will love! This isn’t scrounging around at the last minute desperate for something…anything! This is actually being open to whomever is on your list and buying what you really think they would like…what a concept!

I hate it when I’m with a friend and they say, “Oh, my sister would love that!” and then don’t buy it…what is that about? Always, when I try to encourage my friend to just buy it, I hear, “Oh, not now…” or (the dreaded), “I’ll come back later.” Um, hello??? You’re here…right now…with a good gift idea (that you will probably forget about)…this is you adding stress to your life!

What the…?????

Don’t wait or put it off! Have a little fun shopping now while you can before everything gets so crazy! Plus, it’s super fun weeks later to look through all your early finds…it’s like Christmas for the giver!

Give it a try and let me know how much more fun holiday shopping can be…

Have a lovely, lovely!