Hello Lovely Reader!

Last week, I told my almost 3 year old son, Owen that on Monday morning, we would be going to see his daddy where he works. I gave him the various details about when we would go and how long it would take to get there. He seemed particularly interested in the fact that daddy works in such a large building.

The idea of this excursion was very exciting for him all weekend. And, sure enough, on Monday morning, he exclaimed, “Today we are going to daddy’s work and we’re going to ride an alligator!”

Thinking that it may be somewhat of a blow, I said, “Oh no, honey. We are going to ride in an elevator.”

His response? “Holy craps! Really??!!!”

Now, it wasn’t my proudest mommy moment. Obviously, I need to reassess my phrases of exclamation, but I was really touched by this response.

Here’s a kid who finds riding on an elevator as alluring, or perhaps even more wonderful, than riding an alligator!

An elevator is something so everyday, something that has become boring for most of us adults. It seems A LOT in our lives is the same way…same old, same old…

Now, I ask you, must we be wowed to be excited? Does it have to be new in order to be amazing? Do we need something to be impressive in order for it to have meaning for us? Where did our wonder go?

When we did take that 20 floor elevator ride to daddy’s office, the climb up with a car full of people really was exciting. Owen jumped about, pressed the buttons, tried to run out every time the door opened and cried, “oooooooooooh” when we elevated.

I watched everyone stare at him with, dare I say it…envy???

Where in your life can you really ride an elevator this week, not just take the elevator? Furthermore, can you enjoy your daily, everyday tasks and occurrences with a gusto and anticipation as if you were about to go on an alligator ride???

Just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting. Just because it happens every day, doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful and amazing.

This evening, I took Owen with me outside to cut basil to throw into the marinara sauce cooking on the stove. He listened as I explained this to him and then shouted with undeniable glee, “I can’t believe what we’re talking about! We are going to EAT that plant! I want to eat it! I do! I do!”

So, I jumped up and down right with him and yelled, “Me too! Me too! Whoohooooooo!”

Be a child. Wonder at the world. Appreciate. Thank. This really is an amazing place. Noticing it will just make you feel good and that’s what it’s all about.

Peace, Cheri