Alligator Ride, Anyone???

Hello Lovely Reader!Last week, I told my almost 3 year old son, Owen that on Monday morning, we would be going to see his daddy where he works. I gave him the various details about when we would go and how long it would take to get there. He seemed particularly interested in the fact [...]

Something to be thankful for…

While you’re rushing around and cooking this and getting the holiday deal on that, and decorating everything and thinking of everyone, don’t let the hustle and bustle get you down.Remember this: The frustrations and extra work that come along with the holidays are a gift. No need to stress about tangled up Christmas lights if [...]

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What Keeps You Going?

Hello!Just got back from my "babymoon" with my husband...we went to the Florida Keys.Some interesting history down in Key West....a guy named Mel Fisher searched for a buried treasure for 16 years before he found it in 1985...the loot? 450 million bucks!!!His motto was, "Today's the day!" I love it!One has to wonder, what kept [...]