There is nothing like fireworks to get you in a present moment state of mind.  A burst of brilliance can really force your attention into the now.  
The ooooohs and aaaaahs bring us back every year. It’s easy to get lost at a firework show.  
But, why do we need such events to force us to see what is right now?  
It’s true – the past is over and done with, you can’t change it or live in it’s wake.  The future is simply an impression of what has already happened…a foreshadow of what you expect because of what you have experienced. 
Neither the past nor the future is real…all we have is the present.  
So, why are we constantly racing to the next minute while wallowing in our stories of our past? 
There is a lot of talk about being present and enjoying the moment, why do we find it so hard? 
Use the fireworks this year as your personal meditative guide and just decide now to make it easy. Take your awe and appreciation with you to your ride to work, into your kitchen and into the sauce your toddler helps you stir.  
You don’t need to meditate twice a day for an hour to experience now.  Awareness is the first step. 
Now, just ask yourself: Where in your everyday life can you spark wonder and awe in the absence of fireworks?