Mom’s Summer Survival Guide

    Mom’s Summer Survival Guide  So, you made it through the school year...the artwork, the homework, the carpools, the filed did it, mom! Summer camp is a few weeks off and that summer vacation feels a million miles, what???   Not surprisingly, I have gotten a few requests to write a blog [...]

Think it! Park it! Do it!

A great rule of thumb in getting it all done is this: If you can do it in two minutes, do it RIGHT NOW. If you can't, learn to rely a little more on your smart phone.  Why carry it all around in your head if Siri can keep all of it organized for you?    Researchers [...]

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The Universe Often Knows Best…

Sometimes when we are at a crossroads and we need to make a decision about something, the anxiety just from being undecided can be too much. Often, we haphazardly make a decision just to ease the anxiety and later find that we may have been a bit hasty. The next time you find yourself just [...]

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