Fear…Fight, Flight or a Challenge?

Halloween is my JAM. I absolutely love it. My family also takes this holiday very seriously. Let’s just say that we have had our plan for costumes in place since July. Maybe it’s because my husband and I met at a Halloween party, but we really see it as quite the event every year. [...]

The Quick Guide to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Aaaaaaaah, Thanksgiving. Why, it’s the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year! Not quite in that space? If obligatory feasting (that requires a whole lotta cookin’!), the onset of a month of hustle and bustle and incessant family in company doesn’t sound absolutely lovely, you’re not alone. Here’s a quick guide to not [...]

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Snow Day Stress Busters! You need this, I know…

Well, if you're anywhere near where I am in Atlanta, snow days have been in abundance here lately! It goes without saying that changes in schedules and the questionable future (is school out tomorrow again???) can make a lot of mommies super anxious. Add a little (A LOT!) of cabin fever and virtually no mommy [...]

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Think it! Park it! Do it!

A great rule of thumb in getting it all done is this: If you can do it in two minutes, do it RIGHT NOW. If you can't, learn to rely a little more on your smart phone.  Why carry it all around in your head if Siri can keep all of it organized for you?    Researchers [...]

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