Are You Still Breathing? How to Have Fun Over the Holidays-Part 2

How to Have More Fun Over the Holidays Part 2 How’s being in the Now working for you? Fun, huh? ;) Here comes tip #2 on how to have a bit more fun this holiday season…   Stop Thinking That You’re Stuck “Your personality creates your personal reality.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza If you think [...]

Firework Living

Hello!There is nothing like fireworks to get you in a present moment state of mind.  A burst of brilliance can really force your attention into the now.  The ooooohs and aaaaahs bring us back every year. It's easy to get lost at a firework show.  But, why do we need such events to force us [...]

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Am I Still Breathing???

These days a lot of talk is rolling around about being "present" and "mindful," what does it all mean anyway??I really like the way Eckert Tolle suggests finding your present moment. He says to just ask yourself, "Am I still breathing?"See, it's impossible to be totally focused on your breath and doing something else. Even [...]

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